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Authentic and luxurious Telegrafo Hotel (Telegraph) comes back to remind us of the paradigmatic hotel that it used to be in late 19th century. Today its eclectic facade reveals the architectural changes it had with the passing of time. The first two floors spare its original conception, form the threshold of the superior floor which show a more contemporary idea. Sixty-three wide and high-ceilinged rooms are found in three wide rooms that provide and excellent view on Paseo del Prado street and at the same time the inside visuals let the visitors see the ruins of the central patio where the snack bar is located. Half- way great arcades and uncovered basket-handlearch show  their bricks and masonry in opposition to the rest of the modern design.
The great ceramic wall in collage style provides details about the colonial architecture in Havana along with a transparent burbling fountain that magnify the patio and highlight the suggesting remains of the past.

The patio has independent access apart from the hotel main entrance and it is located on the ground floor where visitors can find the modern lobby and the hotel magnificent restaurant specialized in high quality international cuisine.
It is decorated with contemporary furniture that transmits  a classic environment  to the wide spaces illuminated by stained- glass windows.


Telegrafo Hotel opened in 1860. At first it was located on Amistad street across from Campo de Marte.

It was around the year 1888 that the hotel was relocated to the corner of Prado and Neptuno that was one of the most crowded places and that’s where it is located nowadays.

The married couple formed by Don Guillermo del Toro and Doña Pilar Somoano, who were acknowledged business people, bought the building seven years later and made important changes.

Another floor and a covered porch were added, this is what we have today. Donn Guillermo and Doña Pilar changed the Telegrafo Hotel into one of the best eleven Latin American hotels due to the new services offered and their outstanding reputation.

The Hotel has 63 rooms,3 suites, 6 junior suites and 54 double rooms.

All the rooms count with:

-Local and international telephone
-Safe deposit box
-Satellite TV
-Private Bath
-Air conditioning
-Cold and hot water
-Cell telephone

The Hotel has a Snack Bar with 50 seats and it works the 24 hours a day. We also offer room service, and breakfast before the restaurant opens.

Cibercafé 24 hours. 5:00 USD per hour.

A restaurant called Telegrafo with 90 seats opens from 7:00 am to 10:30 pm and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is self-service in the buffet board. This restaurant is ideal for sightseeing, incentive and other groups to lunch in.

A shopping area can be found in the lobby and it offers first need articles for the visitors such as rolls of films, cameras, batteries, T-shirts, guayaberas(Cuba’s typical garment), sourvenirs, compact discs, magazines, as well as international publication series and internet connection.
Mail service is also offered by DHL at the reception desk.