Like we know the importance of a client in this type of groups, we suggest some services that bring a personalized attention with a relatively low cost and that according to our experience they have marked a stronger relationship between the company and its clients and we put them at your disposal like a tool but of sale.

VIP Service in the airport

In the event of small groups it is coordinated with the airport so that the clients after passing immigration are taken to a living room with comfortable seats where they have an open bar, while the luggage service is in charge of taking out the suitcases of the customs area.

Luggage service from the hotel to the airport

The hotel’s luggage service is taken to the airport with complete uniform so that the client when leaving customs, deposits the suitcases with them and don’t worry about it, when arriving to the rooms the suitcases will be waiting for him.

Gift in the room

There is a series of Cuban typical products placed in the client’s room before he arrives from the airport with a note with logo signed by the person in charge of welcome him. Among the gifts we have

For Men: Cuban typical lightweight jacket, 1 bottle of rum, 1 package of Cuban Coffee with deluxe packing, habanos, a beautiful wooden handiwork.

For women: An original Tortoiseshell article (Weekly publication, pulses, buckles, necklaces, etc.) or some Silver and black Coral earrings, a beautiful wooden handiwork.

Cellular phone service

Although already many telephones with European norm and GPS system work in Havana, when the client wants can be reserved a cellular telephone that is located in the airport or in the room, sending him, with a week of anticipation, the telephone number that will have so he can give it to the people he wants.


Our office in Havana puts to the client’s disposition, perfectly equipped with computer, email, fax, telephones, photocopier in case he wants to stay in contact with his office all the emails or faxes that arrive are given immediately in the hotel, as well as if he wants to dictate one of our secretaries any message to be correspondent to its office or family. Also in the event of some presentation any related service can be given.

Car Service

One of the cars of our office in Havana puts to the client’s disposition so he can move freely and it is also coordinated any service that he needs in the city from tickets for a ballet function until a reservation in a restaurant.

Our team in Havana will always be in disposition to coordinate any other service that is required.