Palacio San Miguel

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When arriving at the Hotel San Miguel Palace, you will find a home,where you will feel as a member of it.You will arrive to a calm and private place, ideal to admire the Havanan Bay, where you will receive a personalized service that will keep you in a direct contact with a professional team of workers.Perfect combination between simplicity and elegance that will allow you to go back in time and live in one of those but beautiful Havanan houses of principles of the XX Century, surrounded by the whole history and tradition of our “Old Havana”city.

The building where the San Miguel Inn is placed, with the luxury of a palace, is located in the Historical Center of Havana City, just besides the Havanan Bay. Of eclectic style of the begining of the XX century, it was acquired in 1923 in public auction by Mr. Antonio San Miguel y Segalá, natural of Spain and Cuban citizen who was a distinguished Havanan, journalist, politician and merchant, the one who carried out some modifications that are still preserved.

Antonio San Miguel was the most popular director of all HavanaCity newspapers directors of end of the XIX century, he directed “La Lucha” newspaper, a true revolution in the progress of the journalism of the time in Cuba. Great friend of Maceo and of other many Cuban patriots that trusted him more than of many well-known Cubans, he constantly knew how to demonstrate his
feelings without making any bluff of them and wi thout abdicating his ideals for the great and noble causes, neither of his patriotic principles of love to the land that saw him born, Spain. In the 1895 revolution he was the correspondent and intermediate in the Havana of the general Antonio Maceo to whose wife had the responsibility to send her the money he sent. It may be affirmed that San Miguel knew how to create the biggest number of friends that any public man in Cuba have had. A soul full of nobility, altruism and generosity.
In the replublican time, as a prize of his valuable services, the Liberal Party makes him representative of the chamber for the Pinar del Río province. Disappointed of the politic carried out during the first years of the Republic, he quits it and dedicates all his vigorous mentality and powerful dynamism to big business, that less ungrateful than men, it would give him a great fortune. It was during this period that the living rooms of the house were used to celebrate artistic and cultural galas that his owner promoted in the society of the epoch.


-Lobby bar with a capacity for 14 people.

-An elegant salon for protocol, receptions, meetings,cocktails and so.

-The watchtower terrace “San Carlos” with Snack Bar of 24 seats, where you may have the best view of Havana harbor and even the modern Havana buildings.

-A store for the selling of books, artworks and souvenirs.

-A breakfast room with a capacity for 16 people with a varied offer.


-Air conditioned rooms with private bathroom.
-National and Internacional Telephony.
-Color TV (satellite).
-Fax, fotocopy and typewriter service.
-Safe deposit box.
-Room service.
-Babysitter service.
-Parking lot.