La Mina

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Specialty: Traditional Cuban food.

Capacity: 300 clients.

Attractiveness: Located in a typical large colonial house that recreates the rural atmosphere, in front of “La Plaza de Armas”, the oldest one in the city. It highlights for their welcoming character the presence of exotic birds and a water well, with an exuberant vegetation.

Musical animation: Groups of traditional and peasant music.
Climate: Natural.

Schedule: 24 hours.

Address: Obispo Street No. 106, Old Havana, Cuba.

It is a complex of services integrated by “el Café Al Cappuccino”, “la Casa del Agua”, “La Tinaja”, “la Cafetería Doña Teresa”, “la Heladería” and “el Bar Restaurante La Mina”.

The exceptional location that had in the second half of the XVI century, the house that belonged to one of the conquerors and first residents of the village San Cristóbal from Havana, is the privileged place that continues occupying today that building to house this restaurant. Conforming one of the corners of the Plaza de Armas, it invokes the one that later were residence for the bishops and, in 1688, School of Girls of the Villa, the first one dedicated to the feminine instruction.