La Giraldilla

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La Giraldilla, name of the vane with the figure of the beautiful Creole that finishes off the peak of the Castle of the Real Force in the Havanan historical center, also finds its space in a tourist complex with many offers for the whole family.

This installation’s name remembers the symbol of the city, everything is in an atmosphere that reminds the time of the 20th and surrounded of the Isle exuberant vegetation.

Located in “La Coronela” neighborhood, the complex opens its doors to clients that opt for a refreshing bathroom in the pool, the tasting of its excellent cocktails and the enjoyment of the international kitchen secrets, among other variants.

“La Casa Quinta” located inside “La Giraldilla” was built in 1925, conceived by an important engineer who had also worked in the construction of “El Capitolio”, “El Hotel Nacional” and “El Palacio Presidencial”.

The property, subjected to a careful restoration, constitutes a sample of eclectic style with neoclassical elements.

In that environment it highlights a beautiful fountain made of Carrara’s italian marble that already accumulates a history of almost three centuries.

Inside the typical andalusian yard house, with its collection of old clocks and a permanent gallery of contemporary plastic, is the restaurant “Las Tres Naranjas”, specialized in plates of international food.

A beautiful “vitral” illustrating a scene of “El Quijote” serves of presentation to “La Tasca Española”, a place full of traditions of the Iberian country, its offers of wines and mixed tapas.

Three living rooms – Topacio, Acuarela y Esmeralda – contain the secrets of the creole, french, international gastronomy and vegetarian plates, with roofs decorated by gallic artists, furniture and chinas of the time and veneer of beautiful wood.

A cellar of wines, acclimatized to 18 grades with 80 percent of humidity and located four meters underground, it supplements the offers of the center with a selection of more than a thousand bottles from more than 100 countries.

La Giraldilla’s disco “Macumba-Havana” is considered by many the best one in the Cuban capital.

Last generation technologies for lights and sound mix, with a waterfall and an abundant vegetation, because the access is guarded by arrays of old fruit-bearing, everything ready to receive over 400 people without the characteristic accumulation of this kind of centers.

For the thirsty ones, four bars are ready to respond to the demand, all that which unites in the design of a variant called by many as ” espacio multifamiliar” (multifamily space).