La Dominica

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Specialty: Italian Food.
Capacity: 100 clients.
Attractiveness: Located in an old coffee of the XIX century, among the Plaza de Armas and Plaza de la Catedral.
Musical animation: Groups of traditional music.
Climate: Air conditioning.
Schedule: 24 hours.
Address: O’Reilly, corner to Mercaderes, Old Havana.


La Dominica, was an elegant coffee, meeting place for the politicians at the beginning of the XIX century, when the Spanish constitution of 1812 governed , and it was a cover, in the first years of the republic, for those who made their plots against Don Tomás Estrada Palma, in the stage he completed his functions of President in the Palace located in front of the cafeteria.
Of wide spaces, in a signal marble living room very near the Plaza de Armas and the Cathedral, it combined their offers serving fresh candies and preserves, fundamentally of fruits, with a grateful quality, like it was credited in European exhibitions in the years 1852 and 1867.
Characters of other places inhabit La Dominica since 1998. Allegorical to the carnival of Venice, in Italy, some statuettes contemplates, through their masks, the pleasant that can be to the palate of the clients, the authentic plates of the Italian cuisine that you can taste in the magnificent restaurant installed in a privileged corner of the Historical Center of our city, to few steps of the Plaza de Armas.