Hotel Colony

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The Isle of Parrots, The Isle of Pirates, The Isle of Treasure, The Isle of Pines and nowadays, The Isle of Youth are the different names that this island has received. Columbus discovered it on his second journey to the New World. It is located at 80 km. (50 miles) Southwest from Cuba and can be easily reached by sea or air.

El Colony Hotel is the lodging place with 77 air conditioned rooms, bathroom and TV. Restaurants, snack bar, sea bar and night club. Swimming pool, sport areas and wastersports. Medical services. Telephone and international fax: Rent a Car. Horse riding and other activities are available.


  • It dilutes drinkable
  • Fuel
  • Medical services
  • Police station services
  • Roadstead
  • Security and protection 24 hours
  • Port authorities
  • Tariff and migratory services the 24 hours.

Nautical options

  • Diving
  • Fishes
  • Seafaris