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In this trip we go to the south of the Island, visiting one of the biggest marsh areas in Cuba, during a long time you will see only the beautiful vegetation of the place. In the place is the highest crocodile’s reservation in the island, which are grouped in farms for their preservation.

You leave the hotel between 8.30 and 9.00 AM, and move approximately toward the south in a trip of 1,30 hours going throw an entire series of typical small towns of the region that seem to have been sttoped in the time.

 At the arrive we go directly to visit the farm of crocodiles where professional trainers play with small crocodiles and they allow the clients to take pictures with them, when concluding we take some fast boats and in a very amusing way we cross “La Laguna del Tesoro” and we leave to the taino village where it is supposed that a reservation of taino indians existed in its time, the famous Cuban sculptress Rita Longa has filled the place with sculptures that symbolize moments of the daily life from these indians.  To the client’s election we can visit the village from the boats or descend and walk for the place, we return at full speed throw the intricated channels of the lagoon.

At the arrival we go directly to the “Finca Don Pedro”, typical Cuban town where the nature prevails above everything and where we will eat the famous Cuban lunch with roasted pig and vegetables, there is 1 drink included everything livened up with regional music.
When concluding the lunch, the client will be able to go for a walk in car of horses or to enjoy a fight of roosters.
We returns to the hotel at 18.00.