Incentive Groups


Together with you, we participate in attracting customers by expanding on the importance of organizing INCENTIVE GROUPS as essential part of their marketing and sales policies. We provide evidence that, based on the latest statistics, the organization of incentive groups can have a very possitive impact on a business consolidation.

Based on our experience with incentive groups, we offer you 4, 5, 6 and 7-night programs, which will thoroughly meet your clients´expectations. Likewise, we will be happy to assist you in presenting them to your clients.

If you have a program in mind, we will help you improve it by offering you recommendations. We will be able to use our previous experience regarding distances among destinations, duration of tours and transfers, suitable menus, etc ….in order to come up with a program that is not too rush or too slow, but just perfect to meet your clients´needs.

We will quote within 24 hours any program you send to us and we will be available any time in order to assist you with questions, descriptions, menus, pictures or suggestions.

In order to provide the best of services and, according to our past experience, all programs are based in two main destinations: Havana and Varadero. This way, we avoid lengthy road journeys as well as domestic flights. Anyway, if you are interested in any other destination in Cuba, we are more than happy to assist you with tips and advice in order to achieve the best possible itinerary.

We also help you coordinate your prospection trips. Once in Cuba, we are by your side at all times, offering advice and assistance so that your client realices you are working with professionals! It is our policy that prospection trips are quoted at cost prices (for both: accommodation and land services) and deducted from final invoice, once the tour has finalized.

Once we have agreed on a specific program, we provide personalized assistance which includes: welcoming at the airport, assistance from our team all along the journey as well as assisted farewell on the day of departure. Our team is available 24/7!

All along the program, our team goes ahead of the group in order to check thoroughly that every detail and activity goes as planned, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises and guaranteeing services as contracted or, whenever possible, beyond expectations! In every hotel, there is also a tourist desk enabled to provide assistance and information.

All contracted facilities and buses are first-class! Local guides and drivers are part of a well-chosen team with long experience in working these groups!