Guamá Tour (Península de Zapata)

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History and nature are conjugated in the exotic panorama where we can find the biggest “humedal” in Cuba, located in the biggest tourist park in Cuba: “La Peninsula of Zapata”, it constitues an important tourist region. It is necessary to point out that 70% of the area is Biosphere´s Reservation.
During the journey we will contemplate numerous plantations of sugar cane, yucca and other cultivations, although the real palms shines mainly above the rest, arriving to the marsh the landscape changes to adopt a special form, between marshy areas and swamps we will find a beautiful contrast with the island´s vegetation. In this itinerary is the Pio – Cuá, representative restaurant of a typical specialty of the area, and later La Boca, where we will embark in some fast boats (the travelship last about 20 min) that took us to the taino village through the almost mythical “Laguna del Tesoro”, where can still be distinguished some manatees, a cuban specie almost in extinction. In the vicinity of The Mouth is a hatchery of crocodiles which we will visit.

Guamá, with their taino village, constitutes a special show; with their cabins and their little bridges on the Lagoon; there you will be able to relax in the observation of 32 sculptures, it is a work of the famous cuban artist Rita Longa and they represent habitat forms, feeding and customs of our first residents’.

Later we will go to a rural Property where the typical former parties and the popular craft combine to reaffirm the cuban image. You will be getting ready to eat a “roasted Pig to the coal”. The clients will see how the pig is cooked and they will eat it later in a reserved area for the group.