The Cuban people, a melting pot of different ethnic groups and cultures, have a very particular charm which is hard to elude. Funny, talkative and with a great sense of humour, they are intrinsically friendly and generous, accomodating and helpful with others, and very particularly with those visiting their country.

Music and dance are inseparable part of their daily lives. Prone to jokes and humour, laughs are spontaneous and explosive. Cubans are passionate with their ideas and principles, and they enjoy a good debate.

Hospitable like few, Cubans like to spend time with their guests, that is why their doors are always open. The word Welcome means so much more than a simple greeting term to them. This word is carved in their vocabulary and their very existence, thus showing a very kind, friendly and spontaneous attitude that makes the island´s atmosphere even warmer.

The mix of Indian, Spanish, African and Caribbean blood, which inhabited Cuba for centuries, has given birth to the Cuban nationality, a unique fusion of these all.