The Cuban Archipelago is formed by the Island of Cuba, the Isle of Youth and around 4195 keys and islands, it is located in the Caribbean Sea, next to the Tropic of Cancer, to the entrance of the Gulf of Mexico, between the North America and South America. Is separated 140 Km of the Bahamas, 180 Km of the Florida, 210 Km of Cancun and 146 Km of Jamaica.


Official Name of the country: Republic of Cuba   

Capital: City of Havana   

Gross Domestic Product per. capita: 1290 pesos   

Surface: 110 860 km²   

Highest point: El Pico Turquino (1974 m)   

Longest river: Cauto (370 Km.)   

Resident Population (2000): 11 217 100 hab.   

Population’s density (hab. / km2): 101,2   

Ethnic composition: 66% of white, 22% of mixed race (mestizos) and 12% of black   

Birth Rate (for a thousand inhabitants)(2000): 12,8   

Infant Mortality Rate (for a thousand inhabitants)(2000): 7,2 born alive   

General Mortality Rate (for a thousand inhabitants)(2000): 6,9

Official Language: Spanish.   

Life expectancy at birth (2000): 74,8 years. For the first decade of the XXI century it is expected 76 and 77 in 2025.   

Amount of scientists and engineers: 1,8/1000 inhabitants   

Economically active population: 40% (5000 thousand inhabitants), 87% are men and 53 of every 100 women in labor age work..