International Diving Center Colony

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The Isle of Parrots, The Isle of Pirates, The Isle of Treasure, The Isle of Pines and nowadays The Isle of Youth are the different names that this Island has received. Columbus discovered it on his second journey to the New World. It is located at 80 Km (50 miles) Southwest from Cuba and can be easily reached by sea or air.

 The Isle of Youth is one of the most picturesque sites in Cuba, specially for those who are fond of natural beauties, because more than a half of its territory is totally virgin, with lot of endemic species. On its Southern coast, surrounded by the most pure Caribbean Sea, there are coral reefs of incredible beauty, with wonderful landscapes, and on the Western part you can find a bath-taking paradise in the Punta Frances Marine National Park.

El Colony diving zone is located within the limits of this Park, comprising 6 Km (4 miles) of coast, between Punta Perdernales and Punta Frances, this zone is very well protected with a remarkable environmental stability, thus having an exuberant reef development. 

Dive Zone : Punta Francés
Operator : CIB Puertosol el Colony
Dives sites : 56
Kind of bottom : Coral reefs, caves, walls, shipwrecks plenty of species like barracudas, tarpons, groupers and black coral.
Compressor : 2 Bauer k-21
Bottles: :12 Liters……40 steel 260 aluminum (Catalina)
Equipment : Regulators…. 40 Jackets……… 40 Suits…………… 40 ( Cressi Sub )
Diving capacity: 150 divers in 2 outcomes daily
Instructors : CMAS, SSI..
Dive Boats : Six yachts 41 feet (100 pax) and 2 tender (86-100 pax)
Hyper baric Chamber : 42 Km from Center , in Nueva Gerona. (Transfer by intensive care ambulance)

Main dives sites (Depth . Meters / Feet)

  1. Pared de coral negro (15/49)
  2. Cueva azul (12/39)
  3. Escondite del buzo (12/39)
  4. El Arco de los sábalos ( 14/46)
  5. 5. El sitio de todos (12/39)

Description of the bottom: The waters around the Cuban archipelago are characterized by their gentleness – mild tides and no strong currents -, their warmth over 24°C all year round, their virgin conditions – no pollution and well – preserved bottoms -, the diversity of its underwater flora and fauna, and the total absence of aggressive animals. The dives zone of CIB Colony is located in the breath-taking paradise in the Punta Frances Marine National Park. There are 56 attractive diving sites, some of them in areas of dense and colorful populations of corals, gorgonians and sponges. Others are located where the drop-off falls sharply, also more than 50 caves, passages and tunnels, coral billocks and valleys are included. The kind of fish varies from one site to another, so we can find schools of tarpons, spadefish, jacks, grunts, schoolmasters and yellowtail snappers. Nassau groupers, black groupers and barracudas are frequently found, also there are turtles, eagles rays and sometimes sharks. Other diving zones are Los Barcos Hundidos, which are remains of sunken ships scattered on an extensive area between 6 and 9 meters ( 20 or 30 feets) deep, with many schools of fish, including barracudas and stingrays, and a numerous sessile fauna attached to the ships.

El Colony Hotel is the lodging place with 77 air conditioned rooms, bathrooms and TV. Restaurants, snack bar, sea bar and night club. Swimming pool, sport areas and water sports. Medical services. Telephone and international fax. Rent a Car. Horse riding and other activities are available.