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Havana and Varadero: We offer the client the possibility to organize his elegant dinner outside of the hotel. So he can change a little the mark where he has been housed every day in Havana.

The possibilities are infinite since the client chooses the way he likes the most his activity, but the basic principle is the same one, a very good dinner in a spectacular atmosphere livened up by slight music of a trio and at the end a typical caribbean party abudant in rum, music and “cubanía” where the clients can dance until the hour they want.

The dinner will always be exclusively in a reserved place for the group, later on the party depending on the quantity of people, budget of the client and other aspects the party could be in a reserved local for the group or in a public local where the clients may meet cuban people and foreigners that go to the place, our group will always have the best reserved area for them and in this case our team along with the local administration and security forces will guarantee in the door that the people that enter that day are people that are perfectly integrated to the mark of our activity.

With the musical option we also depend on what the client wants. He can choose from the same musical show mounted in the place to hiring a Cuban orchestra of first line like The Van Van, winners of the grammy to the best foreig musical grouping.

In spite of teh existing countless possibilities we suggest some that may work very well:

HAVANA: Elegant dinner in “Salón Sierra Maestra” located in the floor 25 of the Habana Libre hotel. The party is carried out in the famous Cabaret TURQUINO located in the same floor just 30 meters away from the room where the dinner is carried out.

All the walls of the “Salón Sierra Maestra” are made of glass allowing us to have an spectacular night view of Havana while having dinner, the location of the room in the left wing of the floor allows us to have a privacy without limit allowing you to enjoy the dinner in tranquility.

The TURQUINO also has glass walls that allows us to continue with the view while we enjoy the party, also in the warm nights it has a mechanism that opens the roof allowing you to see the always starry sky of Cuba.

Dinner in the restaurant “La Giraldilla” and party in MACUMBA, the most famous disco in Havana.

The restaurant “La Giraldilla” is an old colonial mansion with a beautiful inner yard, fruit-bearing trees and a spectacular pool, an environment you will enjoy during the dinner. The MACUMBA disco is 50 meters away from this place. It is the most famous disco in Havana with a live musical show and the most lively recorded music of the moment.

VARADERO: Dinner in the spectacular Dupont House (XANADU), the American millionaire’s old residence Henry Dupont, + 1 hour of open bar in its Bar Mirador + dance in the MAMBO CLUB disco .

The DUPONT house is the classic example of an impressive deluxe combination inside a special Caribbean mark. We can mount the dinner of the group in anyone of its rooms, when concluding the dinner we ascend to its bar MIRADOR where you can enjoy one of the best views of Varadero, here we have an open bar and music, at the end we move to the famous disco MAMBO CLUB where we have live Cuban music inserted with the best recorded songs in the moment.