International Diving Center Cayo Largo del Sur

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Cayo Largo is located in the Archipielago de los Canarreos, the best known surrounding Cuba, where you can also find the Isle of Youth and other beautiful and desert keys such as Rosario, Cantiles, Matías and Avalos.

Cayo Largo del Sur is covered by dense mangrove, pine and coconut forests, there is a beach with fine white sands that never get hot, bordering the Southern region for 25 km (16 miles). Pelicans, seagulls and magnificent frigate bird fly over its beaches and nearby keys, nesting sea turtles, crocodiles and peculiar iguanas live.

The dive zone is divided into three areas, the first one is located near the key, with typical coral bottoms, barrier reefs, ridges and channels that from 18 meters (59 feet) deep form a curious sandy slope that falls into 33 meters (108 feet) deep, then it goes up as big coral mountains forming the drop-off. Brain, pillar, leaf and mountainous star corals together with feather-like gorgonians, sea fans and many other species are easily found. Fish are represented by schools of grunts, snappers, school-masters, dog snappers, surgeonfish, chromis and other coral fish, in some reasons you can also see sea turtles, tarpons, eagle rays and stringrays. Many lobsters, crabs and morays can be found in the rocky crevices and also queen conch colonies in the sand patches. 

The second dive area is located near Cayo Rosario, 29 km (18 miles) to the West, with a very peculiar sea bottom at 18 meters (59 feet), where coral hillocks form a real labyrinth, the natural place where big black groupers, cubera snappers, dog snappers, group of jacks, grunts, black margates, margates and pork fish swim.

The third area (sites from No. 19 to 27) is 48 km (30 miles) Northeast, near Cayo Sigua and Cayos Blancos, on the Western side of Golfo de Cazones. All of them are spectacular wall dive sites, that falls sharply from 15 meters (49 feet) up to more than 200 meters (656 feet) deep where big tube, basket and branch spinges, beautiful deep gorgonians and black coral colonies can be seen. Cubera snappers, barracudas, shoals of spadefish and many other coral fish swim around the drop-off and the wall.


Dive Zone : Archipiélago de los Canarreos.
Operator : Marina Puertosol Cayo Largo del Sur
Diving sites : 32
Kind of bottom : Coral reefs, Walls, Shipwrecks, Plenty of species (barracudas, turtles and whale shark in winter) and caves.
Compressor : Bauer k-15
Bottles (Luxfer and Cressi) :12 Liters……40 steel and 60 aluminum 15 Liters……10 steel
Equipments : Regulators…. 36(Cressi Sub ) Jackets ……… 36 Suits……………32
Diving Capacity : 24 divers daily , 12 in each double session Instructors : SSI, PADI
Dive Boats : 4 yachts 41 feets (12 pax) 1 yacht 41 feets with capacity for 19 pax
Hyper baric Chamber : In La Habana or Gerona, transfer by helicopter.

Hotel facilities are closely related to the environment in such a way that the human presence is hardly perceptible. There are 650 rooms with air conditioned, private bathrooms, satellite TV and international telephone, very near to the beach. Swimming pools, sport and recreational areas also available.

There are diverse nautical activities in Cayo Largo, including daily yacht, sailboat, catamaran and glass bottom boat seafaris and also different modalities of fishing activities. Tourist can also travel to sightsee Colonial Havana, Trinidad and other tourist resort.