International Diving Center María La Gorda

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On a remote place at the Western side of Cuba, in Pinar del Río province, you can find one of the most virgin natural zones in the Cuban archipelago. This region has been declared Reserve of the Biosphere to the treasures of its flora and fauna and for its sea and terrestrial landscapes.

Within the limits of the Reserve, known as Peninsula de Guanacabibes, we can find a wide stripe of white sands surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, with rich and extensive coastal forest areas forming a beautiful beach, Maria la Gorda, named after old pirate stories where the Diving Center of the same name is located.

Dive Zone : Ensenada de Corrientes
Operator : CIB Puertosol María la Gorda
Diving sites : 50
Kind of floor : Coral reefs, caves,walls, whale sharks in winter, black coral. Plenty off species like groupers, barracudas, sponges and sea turtles.
Compressors : Bauer k-18
Bottles: :12 Liters…… 27 steel Cressi Sub 70 aluminum Luxfer 15 liters…… 10 steel
Equipment : 30 kits Cressi Sub Regulators with the auxiliary 2nd step, manometer and deeper.
Diving Capacity : 80 divers in 2 outcomes daily
Instructors : CMAS, SSI.Dive Boats : 2 yachts 41 feets
Hyper baric Chamber : 45 min. by helicopter (flying to Habana City)

Main Dives sites (Depth. Meters / Feets)

  1. Paraíso perdido (20/66)
  2. Ancla del pirata (10/33)
  3. Las tetas de María (20/66)
  4. El almirante (30/98)
  5. Yemaya (16/52)
  6. El faraón (15/49)
  7. El Salón de María (30/98)

Description of the bottom: The waters around the Cuban archipelago are characterized by their gentleness – mild tides and no strong currents -, their warmth over 24°C all year round, their virgin conditions – no pollution and well – preserved bottoms -, the diversity of its underwater flora and fauna, and the total absence of aggressive animals. The diving sites in María La Gorda are from 5 minutes up to 1-hour navigation. From 5 meters ( 16 feets) you can see big and isolated patches of coral with an abundant sessile fauna, specially gorgonians and sea fans, more than 20 species of coral and lots of small and medium size fish. Lobsters, morays and crabs can be frequently seen in the boles of the bottom. From 10 meters ( 33 feets) deep these patches are joined together and increasingly bigger, thus forming a chain of tall coral billocks cut by channels and passages, with walls falling sharply and deeply. The wall shows attractive structures such as boles, tunnels and vertical caves where you can see beautiful black coral colonies, big tubular branch or cup shape sponges and 2 meters (6.5 feet) big gorgonians. Among the fish that move along the wall we can mention barracudas, jacks, dog snappers, snappers, and schoolmasters.

 The Villa is small and familiar, with only 21 rooms, (15 with common bathroom and 6 with private bathroom), situated in front of a beach surrounded by a forest of coconut trees. There are small apartments, with a living room, TV and mini bar, bathroom with cold and hot water, each one with 2 double rooms, air conditioned and with a safe box.
There is a buffet restaurant , a bar-cafeteria and medical services. No credit card are accepted.
Other activities are limited to sigh seeing nearby zones and enjoy the virgin natural environment of the Reserve, and fishing.