1. To the arrival to the airport our team will be waiting for you at the custom exit, to attend you in any processes, to put some last time poster that the client brings and to be for your disposition in every moment.  Will take the clients to the bus, as they leave perfectly organized, looking in all moment after them and their baggage.
  2. Once in the hotel, while the group carries out its private check in, we are in charge of the baggage’s quick transportation to the rooms and we attend any possible change.
  3. Will have a Hospitality desk during the whole stay of the group in the hotel, with all the necessary information, besides having an internal telephone line so that from the room anyone can make a consultation.
  4. Always somebody of our team will supervise the exits of the hotel and will accompany you in the trips to serve as speaker between you and any service borrower. We all are perfectly located with cellular phones for immediate communications.
  5. Always our personal goes in advance to the place of service to check every thing is like you contract.
  6. If the client wants to communicate with his office, to receive email or fax or to make a reservation for his free day, there is a perfectly equipped and always available office.
  7. The last day we coordinate so that the baggage is carried in time, and the whole group check their suitcases. We also coordinate that the suitcases be perfectly identified and We advise to the participants about the best way of transporting their belongings so that they enjoy the best comfort during the flight.
  8. During the afternoon our personnel go to the airport with the notes for PRE-bill the group, to take out the shipment cards and to pay the airport taxes, this way obtains the best seats and we save a substantial time of wait in the airport. To the arrival of the group we will have exclusive counters for the group.