About Us

TRISUB-ART is a Belgian-Spanish company specialized in land services. Our team has over 10 years of experience in the organization, control and supervision of land services. It is now our great pleasure to put our experience at your complete disposal because we know how important a client is. Thus our motto: Once with us, always with us.

Our goal is that after being contacted, we not only become your service provider but that we establish a closer relationship which allows us to support you in the process of selling, from the moment of catching the attention of a client to the ultimate execution of a program. We do not limit ourselves to providing a quote but we endeavour to follow it up with suggestions. Our programs are based on our experience, your client´s average age, his interests and objectives. Taking all these factors into consideration, we elaborate a program that meets your client´s needs. Once we have agreed on a specific itinerary, your client will never be alone in Cuba. Our team will be at his disposal 24/7, offering guidance and assistance throughout the maze of guaranteeing a 5-star holiday in the Caribbean!

We are positive that we will provide the quality-price relationship that you and your client look for … and deserve!!!

Services we provide:

Our company aims its services at Travel Agencies, Touroperators, Incentive Houses, Organizers of Events and Congresses, never to the ultimate client whom we reckon our client´s client.

We offer a wide range of services, such as:


Incentive Groups

Together with you, we participate in attracting customers by expanding on the importance of organizing INCENTIVE GROUPS as essential part of their marketing and sales policies. We provide evidence that, based on the latest statistics, the organization of incentive groups can have a very possitive impact on a business consolidation.
Based on our experience with incentive groups, we offer you 4, 5, 6 and 7-night programs, which will thoroughly meet your clients´expectations. Likewise, we will be happy to assist you in presenting them to your clients.
If you have a program in mind, we will help you improve it by offering you recommendations. We will be able to use our previous experience regarding distances among destinations, duration of tours and transfers, suitable menus, etc ….in order to come up with a program that is not too rush or too slow, but just perfect to meet your clients´needs.
We will quote within 24 hours any program you send to us and we will be available any time in order to assist you with questions, descriptions, menus, pictures or suggestions.
In order to provide the best of services and, according to our past experience, all programs are based in two main destinations: Havana and Varadero. This way, we avoid lengthy road journeys as well as domestic flights. Anyway, if you are interested in any other destination in Cuba, we are more than happy to assist you with tips and advice in order to achieve the best possible itinerary.
We also help you coordinate your prospection trips. Once in Cuba, we are by your side at all times, offering advice and assistance so that your client realices you are working with professionals! It is our policy that prospection trips are quoted at cost prices (for both: accommodation and land services) and deducted from final invoice, once the tour has finalized.
Once we have agreed on a specific program, we provide personalized assistance which includes: welcoming at the airport, assistance from our team all along the journey as well as assisted farewell on the day of departure. Our team is available 24/7!
All along the program, our team goes ahead of the group in order to check thoroughly that every detail and activity goes as planned, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises and guaranteeing services as contracted or, whenever possible, beyond expectations! In every hotel, there is also a tourist desk enabled to provide assistance and information.
All contracted facilities and buses are first-class! Local guides and drivers are part of a well-chosen team with long experience in working these groups!


Specialized Regular Programs

For regular clients, other than fam trips, events, congresses and incentive groups, we are able to offer our regular tours. These will allow your clients to get in full contact with Cuban history, culture, nature and most importantly, its people!
We provide a wide range of specialized programs which will suit any interests. Just to mention a few:
SPECIAL PROGRAM: SMOKERS!. This special program will enable clients to travel deep into the world of the famous Cuban cigar as well as learn all about this exotic and exquisite ritual.
FLY AND DRIVE program: Specially designed for the most adventurous, we will take care of all hotel bookings and a jeep will be handed in so that the journey into this beautiful island can kick-off right after arrival! Get ready to design your route all along.
CENTRAL PROGRAM: This program includes a journey that covers the central part of Cuba, with visits to Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Varadero. The trip can end at the airport but there is also the possibility to extend a few days to relax or continue exploring at a beach or city hotel.
ROUNDTRIP PROGRAM: This program allows you to travel the island and its main cities and sites in a short time. The tour may start in Havana (Occidente) and end in Santiago de Cuba (Oriente) or viceversa. It includes visits to Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santa Clara, Camaguey and Santiago de Cuba. The trip can end at the airport but it is also possible to extend a few days at a beach or city hotel.


Specialized individual tourism

Specialized Individual Tourism: It sometimes happens that a client is interested on a specific program which is not on our folder. In such events, we can come up with an a-la-carte program designed to meet his most demanding expectations. He is free to choose the places to visit, hotels where he will stay, the way he will travel (group or private transfers, luxury vehicles, or rental cars), how to organize his choice of tours: from an organized coach tour to a private tour conducted on a horse-drawn carriage or vintage car. Likewise, we are able to organize for him to join one of Havana´s many cultural activities and amazing night performances.
Since a-la-carte programs have proven very successful, we have long experience in organizing them and we can guarantee our quote and confirmation in less than 48 hours. If the required program were to be a challenging and comprehensive one, then we would be in close contact with you in order to provide prompt information and clarifying answers to your doubts and queries.


Events, Congresses and Conventions

Cuba now has first-class facilities both in Havana and in Varadero where to host the event of your choice. Moreover, we can provide the list of congresses taking place every year in Cuba.
In this regard, we can provide the following services:
Organization of your Own Event. If your client is aiming at organizing an event in Cuba, or simply a work meeting or anual convention, we are pleased to provide a viable offer apart from assisting with the required coordinations with Cuban institutions and organizations with whom your client wishes to exchange experience and knowledge.
Participation in Events organized by Cuban Institutions. If your client is interested on a specific event which is taking place in Cuba, we can arrange his inclusion and participation as well as bring our added values to the congress package with pre and post congress activities.
Organization of an a-la-carte Event. If following the requirements of a specific sector of your clientele, you needed to come up with a completely new event, we have the tools and necessary contacts to assist you with its organization. We can help you design a program, an exhibition, as well as coordinate the participation of a Cuban Company as special guest. In a few words, we can help you organize whatever it is that your client requires in this regard.
We take very seriously the organization of every event and, just as we do for your Incentive groups, we guarantee a service of excellence.


Specialized Diving

Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, has an insular offshore platform surrounding the island which allows for spectacular sea bottoms, ranked among the best in the world. This together with the whole feeling of being in the Caribbean and interacting with such friendly and passionate people as the Cubans, makes this country an irresistible paradise for divers.
All the services we provide are aimed at specialized diving which makes it compulsory for the client to carry a diver´s credential issued by any diving organization authorized to issue an international certificate.
Eventhough we can offer you a diving package in any part of Cuba, we focus in Havana, being the capital and main point of entry and departure, Maria La Gorda, Colony (Island of Youth) and Ancón Peninsula, the last three considered the most spectacular diving sites in the island, with over 15 years of experience in providing these services and organizing international diving events.

The moment is now!!!